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Acupuncture for Children and Babies

Acupuncture is an extremely safe method for treating children and babies and can ease a plethora of childhood symptoms.

Child receiving hand massage acupuncture pressure points
Acupuncture for children and babies - photo by Pexels, Pixababy

Acupuncture is an extremely safe method for treating young people. It is an age-old system of encouraging good health. We use similar techniques to those used on adults - that of diagnosis and a tailored ‘prescription’ for your child. Treatments are usually given from three months of age up to teenage years. However, the key age group is aged between one and three years old.

We look at the overall energy or Qi of the child, to see if the Qi is blocked or deficient. This will show us why the child has become ill or is out of sorts. Looking at the facial colour is also important, diagnostically. For example, a greenish tinge around the mouth can indicate a digestive problem. The strength of the child plays its part - we look at whether they are strong, robust children or are more delicate and reserved.

How does it work with children?

Four to six points are chosen for the treatment. A fine, sterile, stainless steel needle is inserted at each selected point in turn. This may cause a slight pricking sensation, but much less pain than that of an injection or immunisation. Immediately after insertion the needle is manipulated subtly and briefly to direct the Qi along the channel giving a tingling or warm sensation. Sometimes, we might use Moxa (the herb mugwort) as a warm process to help healing. It directs a lovely sense of warmth into the body, around specific acupuncture points. If the child is suffering from colic, for example this is an excellent treatment.

Until the age of seven years, treatments are normally carried out with the child sitting on the parent's lap - the most reassuring place to be! Everything happens quickly, within a minute or so.

How many acupuncture visits?

This will depend on the pattern of illness. For a simple condition 1 - 10 sessions, 10 - 20 for others. If the condition is more serious and deeply rooted, it may require more. I will be able to tell you after the first session how many treatments would be required. Normally this would be once a week but, for some children, two to three times a week is necessary.

What can acupuncture help treat?

Amongst other conditions, acupuncture can effectively help relieve the symptoms of: Eczema, asthma, chronic coughing, ear infection and glue ear, loss of appetite, fussy eaters, anxiety, nightmares / insomnia, abdominal pain, colic, diarrhoea, vomiting and headaches.

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