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Low AMH doesn't equal low fertility

Welcome to Path to Wellbeing - Your Partner in Fertility Wellness!

Embark on a journey of fertility empowerment with Path to Wellbeing. We are an award winning clinic which specialises in holistic approaches, blending traditional acupuncture, herbal medicine, and personalised lifestyle guidance to support you on your path to parenthood.

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Nicola Court
Lead practitioner and owner at Path to Wellbeing

What's Included in Your Initial Consultation?

At Path to Wellbeing, our Initial Consultation is a comprehensive 1 hour and 45-minute session designed to understand your unique fertility profile. This includes:

  1. Traditional Acupuncture Treatment: Experience the balancing touch of traditional acupuncture, rooted in ancient wisdom and tailored to your specific needs.

  2. In-Depth Analysis: Send us your up-to-date blood tests and scan results, and we'll provide a thorough written report, offering insights into your reproductive health.

Tailored Options for Your Convenience

  1. Option 1: Full Initial Consultation - Book Now!

    • Secure your personalized session for only [£200].

    • Take the first step towards enhancing your fertility naturally.

  2. Option 2: Free 15-Minute Consultation Call

    • Curious but unsure? Let's schedule a free 15-minute consultation call. We can discuss your concerns and explore how our approach can benefit you.

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