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TuiNa massage is part of Chinese Medicine and rooted in its principles. As such, it has a long evolution, particularly together with Martial Arts. During training, TuiNa was, and still is, the main treatment for sports injuries; that’s why many martial artist were also TuiNa practitioners and bone-setters. TuiNa cannot only treat the acute phase of an injury by re-aligning tissues and bones, moving fluids to reduce inflammation and reducing blood stagnation and pain, but the chronic phase as well.

Usually chronic injuries are characterized by a complex picture of pain, inflammation or swelling, stagnation and reduced mobility, which end up affecting the whole body and quality of life. TuiNa can be a great tool for managing chronic injuries because its holistic principles are always present in each treatment, making it a comprehensive journey for the receiver. Very pleasant and relaxing, TuiNa not only affect the injured area, but tries to restore harmony and balance to the whole system, giving the body itself the chance to fully recover.

TuiNa has more than 30 different hands techniques: pressing, pulling, pushing, grasping, vibrating… and many of those are used to stimulate particular acupuncture points and channels/meridians.

TuiNa also incorporate Zheng Gu: a unique mobilization techniques to manipulate joints and the surrounding tissues, muscles and fascia in a very gentle way; restoring the natural circulation and allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

Traditionally, the treatment is received with the patient fully clothed. That is why we always advise to wear comfortable and loose clothing.

The used of oils and herbal liniments is very specific, limited to certain areas and according to the diagnosis. Sometimes nothing is used, and other times just a few drops on a particular area.

*Please note: All Tui Na sessions will be conducted by Damián. 

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