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Fertility and Pregnancy Support

Acupuncture can support your fertility journey, either alongside IVF treatment, or on its own.

The IVF clinic is often the first port of call for couples who are struggling to get pregnant and as technology improves, so too does IVF success rates. Whichever variation of the process you undergo, it is worth knowing that IVF does not improve the quality of the eggs, only the quantity. The general health and wellbeing of the couple may not always be taken into account.

In contrast, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers the overall health of the person who is making the gametes. This in turn can help to promote healthier gametes. TCM can influence how well the eggs are nourished and stimulated to grow. It can also increase endometrium thickness and quality.

Many men also have fertility problems and they should consider treatment at the same time as their partner. Acupuncture can have an impact on the number, quality and motility of sperm.

I recommend starting acupuncture treatments three months prior to starting IVF, if possible. This will enable us to help regulate your body’s functions, to ultimately support a successful IVF journey. Initially treatments should be weekly, but will move to around two to three times a month. We take a careful approach to improving would-be parents’ overall health and improving the quality of eggs produced during the IVF process.

How might acupuncture support fertility?

  • Improve gamete/ embryo/ endometrium quality

  • Reduce stress

  • Reduce drug side effects

  • Help reduce chance of miscarriage

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Regulate hormones

  • Improve ovarian function

During your treatment with me, our overall aim will be to:

  • Improve ovarian function. We aim to encourage the better development and quality of eggs and strong healthy embryos. The uterine lining can become thicker via the regulation of hormones and, in turn, this increased blood supply will promote follicular development and implantation. TCM can help the ovaries to respond better to the drug treatment - encouraging the production of more follicles and better quality eggs.

  • Reduce potential side effects of fertility drugs. Side effects from the drugs can be common and may increase stress levels - TCM can help reduce the effects of this.

  • Strengthen immunity and reduce stress. High stress levels are common when trying to get pregnant and TCM is very helpful in alleviating and reducing stress. Being relaxed helps prevent the uterus from contracting and so can improve implantation and may help reduce the risk of miscarriage.

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