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Reiki was developed in Japan during the mid twentieth century and is a practice of using hands to improve wellbeing. It follows the principle of energy flows in the body, which we term as Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine and that is called Ki in Japan. Reiki is Japanese, meaning universal energy. 


In Reiki, practitioners place hands on, or very near to your body, with the aim of helping the flow of energy around your body. It’s a clothed therapy, so good for those who may feel uncomfortable with normal massage therapies. Reiki seeks to balance the energy fields, in and around the body, which can help on a physical, psychological and emotional level. It can be extremely relaxing and some people can feel a tingling sensation, or even feel so relaxed that they fall asleep.

Reiki Drumming

The treatment involves the practitioner drumming over you followed by hands-on Reiki at the end. I trained in Reiki Drumming with the UK's leading sound healing teacher, Sarah Gregg. Sarah and her students believe  that the combination of Reiki & Drumming makes for a more gentle, ethereal experience, yet equally powerful on a therapeutic and healing level. Clients have reported a deeper and more powerful experience than with hands alone. 

Drumming is formally noted as, 'A complex composite intervention with the potential to modulate specific neuroendocrine and neuroimmune parameters in a direction opposite to that expected with the classic stress response'.  (Altern Ther Health Med. 2001;7(1):38-47).

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