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The principle of traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is that a life force, ‘Qi’,  flows through our bodies and any imbalances to this can cause disease. The imbalances are thought to be caused by the effect of the yin and yang forces - the opposing forces that Qi is made up from. 


In Chinese Herbal Medicine, herbal combinations are prescribed to correct disharmonies within the body, the ingredients of which are specifically matched to the imbalance, ensuring that treatment is individually tailored. Most 'prescriptions' are given to be taken as a tea. Many herbs are sweet and very pleasant - conversely some can taste bitter and don’t always taste that great! However, you do quickly get used to the taste and will find that you enjoy your herbal tea.


Traditional Herbal Medicine was the source for some modern Western medicines, which usually isolates and uses the active compounds. An example of this is ‘Artemisinin’ which is now widely used to treat malaria and is one of the most famous herbal remedies available.

Find out more about how Chinese Herbal Medicine works and see some frequently asked questions. 


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