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Am a client of Nicola Court for over the last 10yrs now. And would highly recommend.
Each session is tailored to my needs depending on what issues I might have at the time of treatment.
So, my massage, could also include cupping or acupuncture to release tight muscles/tension.
Works a treat on my back, shoulders and neck.
Highly recommend.



Have been using Nicola for just over a year for accupuncture, post-Stroke. I have found her most knowledgeable, professional and helpful with my recovery. I would definately recommend Nicola 100%



Nicola has helped my massively with my mental and physical health over the last year or so after my long term health conditions went downhill. I was a little sceptical of acupuncture and Chinese herbs but they have really helped me. Strongly recommend!!



Nicola treated my painful shoulder that I had been having trouble with and I am now pain free.
Nicola is very knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend her.


Rebekah Loh

Nicola is a generous and kind practitioner with a wealth of knowledge. I have been suffering from long covid symptoms for the past few months (asthma, fatigue, poor sleep and low mood) and was hoping it would resolve itself. Im quite an active and motivated person so the lingering symptoms were incredibly frustrating. When I reached out to Nicola she was incredibly helpful, and her consultation process was very detailed and thorough. Within a few days of taking the herbs she prescribed my asthma (which was bothering me daily) had subsided. It’s been a few weeks of herbs and I feel so much better because I don’t struggle with asthma, I’m sleeping better and my energy is slowly improving. I would highly recommend her expertise. Thank you Nicola!

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